Day 5 & 6 – 22/22 PTSD Depression & Suicide Awareness Challenge

I’m just going to squeeze these to days together to clear them out of the way. The videos are taken from yesterday and today so they are separate.

I just don’t want to get caught in a backlog.

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Day 4 – 22/22 PTSD Depression & Suicide Awareness

I’m a day behind with the updates but I’ll catch up.

Yesterday I had a nice visualisation in mind for where I would get the #22pushups done, but this was not to be the case..

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Day 3 – 22/22 PTSD Depression & Suicide Awareness Challenge

I’d a few things to do this morning so I was on my bike early and down to the local farm for fresh eggs with my daughter and then after breakfast to the village for some messages.

While there I crossed a river I love to kayak on and detoured to show a lovely spot on the waterways there.

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Day 2 – 22/22 PTSD Depression & Suicide Awareness

Ireland is reeling from the shock of tragic news from Ballyjamesduff (the article is a disturbing read) yesterday where a family was taken away from its community. Reports show that it was a father who inwardly struggled with mental health issue who killed his three sons and his wife before ending his own life.

On the surface it was a normal, active family. Who knows what struggles the Hawe family were going through or what hell Alan, the father, himself fought with. It honestly doesn’t bear thinking about how deep someone must be to carry out these actions.

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Day 1 – 22/22 PTSD Depression & Awareness Challenge

First up, nomination time.

This guy is someone I know roughly 6 years but a shared love for life and childish sense of humour is what brought us together. This guy has similar life experiences to me and some of that, I think, is telepathically recognised when people meet and it is this understanding and knowledge that means I would trust this guy with my feelings and emotions if I ever had to.

Step forward Noel McCarthy.

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22/22 PTSD Depression & Suicide Awareness Challenge

So I was nominated by my old pal Patrick Mclean on Facebook today to take on this PTSD Depression & Suicide Awareness Challenge which has been doing the rounds.

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The Final Countdown

We’re into the last couple of weeks before ITERA 2016 which takes place with race HQ in Killarney.

Been a bit of upset the past few weeks which is not the most conducive to focused training; team captain Mike took a spill off the MTB resulting in broken bones, I’m wrapping up on a business rebranding and seeking new opportunities, family time is hectic… but we’ll get there, on the start line on 16th August.

I’ve been busy working with team sponsors, trying to secure new support into the future as the team becomes a club and a deeper squad forms.

All go!

I’m going to ITERA!!

Finally things have started to come together a bit for me in work and I’m able to get back together with my #TriHarderAR teamies to race in ITERA 2016 starting in August.

I’ve been tipping away with training but with the realisation that racing was a possibility I started ramping up about a month ago. It’s all going well and my body weight is heading in the right direction.

We’ve a team session under our belt and I have had a few spins out with Mike on the kayak and trekking so all is good.


[Race Report] – Causeway Coast Adventure Race Round 2 Boyle

A few notes on Saturday’s event – real report on the #TriHarderAR website shortly.

Saturday 20 February

Event: Causeway Coast Adventure Race

Photo Credit : Mark Kelly

Road Run race (1 – Foot Orienteering) 25:45 4.43 km (5:49 / km) +75m 5:22 / km map/data
ahr:155 max:169 shoes: Saucony Xodus GTX

A quick blast around a football pitch and we were handed a foot orienteering map with 7 CP’s to collect around the town of Boyle.

Having spotted that we were coming back to the same TA and CP’s could be hit “in any sequence” my suggestion to run reverse course was decided when we saw a queue forming at CP 1

We ran around the course quite snappily getting in and out of the points without any hassle and back into TA1 high up the rankings.


Trail / Mountain Bike race (2 – Bike Section) 1:10:54 22.76 km (19.3 kph) +306m map/data
ahr:154 max:170 shoes: Saucony Xodus GTX

Passed the map to Mike and I took the control card, slotting them into our Nordenmark map holders we were off out the gate.

This was completely different to the normal map study and route planning, all has to be done on the fly, orienteering style. As a result we went wrong at the first turn and ended up doing an out and back for a couple of km before getting stuck behind a tractor on narrow streets.

Feeling good we chain ganged out to the first bike CP: Wynnes Viewpoint and caught Team ARSE there (turns out they were having sickness issues). Super fast dibbing and back with flying mounts onto the next CP at Kesh Caves. We caught another team on the way with a clever jump off the main road saving backtracking.

Trail Run race (3 – Caves & Asstoboggan) 14:18 1.0 km (14:17 / km) +72m 10:30 / km map/data
ahr:158 max:170 shoes: Saucony Guide 9

A steep hike up to the Caves where we had to crawl through caves and back out to dib and retrace steps to the bikes.

Looking at Mike and Mike looking at me and us looking down the hill. The words “It’s not worth it guys!!” from the marshal convinced us …. and off we went ass-toboganning down the steep grassy slope… WHEEEEE!!!!!! and through a thorny gorse thicket. We reckon we saved 10 mins on this leg alone and had an absolute blast!! 😀

Back on the bikes.

Trail / Mountain Bike (4 – Bike leg) 32:28 4.88 km (9.0 kph) +241m map/data
ahr:152 max:168 shoes: Saucony Xodus GTX

High on exhilaration from our cross country slide we tore away from the caves having gained a place on the descent too.

We stopped at the next junction and opted for a route which was almost hidden on the map. A bare trail looped around the contours of the hill we were aiming for and brought us parallel to the main route but higher up. We lost less height so would have less climbing 😉

Plenty of ups and downs though and with the legs burning after the hill climb we churned this out.

Slight over shoot of the entrance to the next CP as we made better time than expected but 100m turnabout and we caught another team as we came into the Special Task

Trail Run race (5 – To the cliffs) 33:41 3.14 km (10:44 / km) +190m 8:15 / km map/data
ahr:153 max:170 shoes: Saucony Xodus GTX

Special task was to decipher a code written in ogham style text but the clues were sideways to the writing. Bit of spatial awareness required.

Quick smart “CCAR The Best Racers” got us underway and onto the trek.

Grabbing the control at the style and passing a team we dropped down to the base of the cliffs where we got the next. And opting to skip the bonus (worth 150 points but 20/30 mins trek) we scrambled back up the cliff and barrelled down the trail to the bikes.

I took my first Agave gel at this point more from a psychological thing than anything as we ran to the bikes, more map swapping, back on and away we went, catching and passing another team out of transition.

Trail / Mountain Bike race (6 – to the water) 1:12:23 17.64 km (14.6 kph) +319m map/data
ahr:144 max:164 shoes: Saucony Xodus GTX

We hit max speed on the way to the next couple of controls unfortunately though we over shot the turn we wanted – covered the ground quicker than expected again and had to back track as it was a mandatory CP we’d missed.

Not too back, got it, raced down hill, held our position but passed another team who had ventured onto a forbidden stretch of road.

We found our way to the kayaks and Mike’s face lit up as he was handed a chocolate biscuit.

Paddling race (7 – on the water briefly) 23:45 2.3 km (5.8 kph) +18m map/data
ahr:143 max:162 shoes: Saucony Xodus GTX

Special Task though – we had to put it on our foreheads and eat it without touching. Quick as a flash I put his biscuit on my head and knelt in front of him he ate his and vice versa. Job done and in fits of giggles we got PFD’s on and into the water.

Super section hit +7kph as we settled quickly, down to CP, nabbed and turned back to go fetch the bonus. Only 21 mins on the water but a few minutes getting off and out as the cold was hitting and hips were tightening.

Keep moving as we ‘undressed’ each others bibs and PFD’s onto the bike and go!

Trail / Mountain Bike race (8 – dash to the finish) 22:25 7.09 km (19.0 kph) +87m map/data
ahr:141 max:157 shoes: Saucony Xodus GTX

A smart nav call had us paralleling the main road and crossing at the right place, no rules being tweaked by us! But we knew we’d be tight for time. Having to get to TA4 as it was mandatory meant not heading right to finish. Energy was well sapped and it took great efforts to haul ass to the TA, dib in and out avoiding the temptation to take a punt on the Orienteering course.

We were already accepting that we would be late, it’s the trade off on penalty vs points available. SO back to finish just under 6 minutes late and 30 point penalty.

Over all we finished well, both extremely happy with the days efforts going from 3/4th to last back to complete in 6th after result adjustment.

Hindsight shows 10-15 mins on the foot o course at the end would have gained us 100/150 points and we’d lose an extra 70 so ‘may’ have been worth it to net of the penalties which would have brought us to 4th place.

All a great day out, tons of fun and smiles, plenty of laughter with a great team-mate.

[Race Report] – Maree 8k Road Race – well feck ya’ Gerry!!!

Hindsight is great, looking back last night I realised it’s been 5 years since I ran the Maree 8k road race. Back then I was younger (obviously!!) and ran the course in 39 mins (with change) and was chuffed with a sub 40min 8k.

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